About Us

The spark behind the creation of Piotr Czarnecki brand was his ambition to participate in the Art & Olfaction Awards 2014 competition in Los Angeles. The first fragrance, SENSEI (currently named SHIHAN), became a Finalist of that competition. The perfume is now retailed in Hollywood as a direct result of the interest in the fragrance brought about by the jury’s appreciation. SHIHAN is widely acclaimed by perfume connoisseurs from Poland, USA, UAE and Russia.
After many positive reviews, SHIHAN became a broadly recognisable, classic niche fragrance featuring the note of coffee.  As the hype continued, Piotr Czarnecki met the demand with a new creation – SHE loves SHIHAN. Based on classic SHIHAN notes, this feminine fragrance was enriched with notes of mountain rose, plum and vanilla. SHE loves SHIHAN was also appreciated by perfume lovers for its uniqueness.
These two fragrances created an excellent duo and are often purchased together. After many reviews, Piotr received many requests for more creations with the same aesthetics and artistic sensitivity. It took many trials and tests of thoughtfully created compositions before Piotr was, himself, satisfied. The next stage was preceded collection of ingredients and colour design of bottles and boxes.
The brand is currently offering 5 fragrances. KIVISKIN is dedicated to men and SHE loves SHIHAN to women, even though the niche perfume market avoids division into male and female fragrances, The remaining fragrances: classic SHIHAN and new BLUEBIJOU and VENOM of ANGEL, are recommended as unisex.
Our goal is to stay true to the spirit of niche perfumery, unique fragrances and excellent quality of ingredients. Our perfumes are made in small batches, which allows us to have full control over the process. We make sure that the sources and proportions of ingredients guarantee Piotr Czarnecki’s work of imagination are trapped in each and every bottle. We share his passion with lovers of the art of perfumery.